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redesigning education: A future beyond standardized tests

(Re)Vitalizing Instruction Via PAR

Co-Presenters Kimberly Hellerich & Sarah Blais, PAR Project Participant

November 2022

western mass writing project


Trauma-invested Strategies: Simple, Successful, & De-Stressing

October 2021

Association of  Middle Level Educators


(Re)Vitalizing Classroom Cultures Via Student Voice

Concurrent Session

November 2021

association of middle level educators

Implementing Trauma-Invested Strategies: Simple, Successful, and De-Stressing


Developing Empathy Through Digital Storytelling

Spark & Tell Session


November 2021

World Future Forum Virtual Conference: April 2021

Establishing a Classroom Culture: Student Voice

Presentation Overview

World Future Forum List of Speakers

Association of Middle Level Educators' Annual Conference: November 2020

Concurrent Session: Implementing Trauma-Sensitive Strategies: Simple, Successful, and De-Stressing

Speed Session: Beyond Hearing: Listening to Students' Voices Through Anonymous Surveys

Connecticut RESC Alliance Virtual Institute: Reframing Education in the Digital Age: July 2020

Session #1: Beyond Hearing: Listening to Students' Voices Through Anonymous Surveys

Session #2: Growth Mindset and Regulation: Ready-Made Strategies for Any Instructional Setting

Higher Education Assessment Conference: May 2021

Hearing Students' Voices: Assessing Strategies' Effectiveness

Updated to include 2019-2020 & 2020-2021 data and application within remote/hybrid learning environments

New England Educational Assessment Network Fall Forum: November 2019

New England College Summer Institute for Educators: July 2018

Half-day workshop: Trauma Sensitive Strategies--For All Learners

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